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A few hours before trial, our client notified us that a videographer was needed for courtroom playback of an exhibit. We found Accurate Vision on the Internet and, despite the short notice, their videographer arrived in plenty of time and did a very professional job.
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San Diego, CA

Courtroom Playback Of Video Depositions and Video Exhibits

Nationwide Courtroom Playback Services

A deponent might come across very well on video, but the overall effect of the testimony becomes lost if the jury has trouble seeing or hearing the deposition video in court.

Court videographers in the Accurate Vision Network are on call for professional nationwide courtroom playback of any deposition or other form of legal video exhibit including Day In The Life, Site Inspection and Damage Survey Video.

To ensure maximum effectiveness in the courtroom, large monitors are set up for jury members, with smaller individual units for the judge and attorneys.

Call us now at (800) 383-5704 for a no-obligation quote on Courtroom Playback nationwide and abroad, or choose an option from the following links.

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Instead of calling all around the country for video, we book our depos, playbacks and other legal video jobs with Accurate Vision.
Their rates are very fair and they have videographers available everywhere.
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Philadelphia, PA

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