We have been using Accurate Vision for many years for all of our video needs.
We appreciate the ease of having one friendly point of contact and knowing that our video depositions are always taken care of in the most professional and reliable manner, regardless of where they take place.
Accurate Vision handles all the videographer scheduling, production and billing on our behalf and in turn we have materialized a significant residual revenue stream by making Accurate Vision our video partner.
Thank you, Accurate Vision!
Court Reporting Firm
Philadelphia, PA

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Increase Deposition Profits With Legal Video Referral Programs


For Court Reporters, Litigation Support Professionals
and Legal Video Overflow

Have you ever given away deposition video to eliminate the expense of locating, scheduling and managing videographers?

Have you referred away legal-video jobs to avoid haggling over video cost or quality?

If you answered yes to either question then you’ve thrown good money straight out the door!

Accurate Vision pays a handsome referral fee to anyone who refers us a job where we handle the scheduling, post-production and direct billing of the attorney or law firm!

Additionally, that client is flagged as your client in our database, which means you are thereafter paid a referral fee every time we do a video job for that client! And that's true even if the client should happen to contact us directly for any reason. We pay you every time we do a job for that client, without exception.

Survey results and testimonials from individual court reporters, large reporting firms, litigation support companies, individual videographers and legal video companies who already take advantage of Accurate Vision's Legal Video Referral Program show there are three primary benefits from participating in the program:

  1. More bottom-line profit on jobs that require deposition video, day in the life and other forms of legal video.
  2. The convenience of instantly scheduling legal video jobs nationwide and worldwide through one single point of contact.
  3. The peace of mind that comes with superior portal-to-portal customer service and the very highest quality standards for legal video and post-production.


Since 2006, I have trusted Accurate Vision to provide me with professional and reliable videographers for hundreds of my video depositions, interviews, site studies and Day In The Life videos all across the United States.
Whether it’s a day or two out, or an hour or two before a job, Accurate Vision always comes through for me with flying colors.
And because of Accurate Vision’s far reach, my company has experienced national growth and steady profit increases in areas that it otherwise could not service.
My jobs are always in good hands with Accurate Vision.
Litigation Support Firm
Houston, TX

Boost your profits.
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