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Video Demonstrations For Courtroom Playback


Video Demonstrations combine actual video footage with digital-post-production techniques to create multimedia presentations which are capable of demonstrating almost anything imaginable in court, to a jury.

For example, how could you best show a jury the correct operation and incorrect operation of a specific piece of machinery when the machine weighs two tons and is located 2,000 miles from the courtroom?

Video Demonstration is the answer!

First, working from a pre-approved storyboard, an Accurate Vision videographer shoots actual footage of the machine in operation. Then, using the same storyboard, our Digital Services Division adds post-production effects to the video in a manner that draws the court's attention to exactly what you need them to see. Viewer comprehension of the video is then further enhanced by the addition of audio narration, on-screen titles and sub-titles, split screen comparisons and a host of other digital effects.

This is just one of many examples which depict how video demonstrations are used, but suffice to say that the finished product is a professionally produced multimedia presentation that precisely and clearly demonstrates what you need the court to see!

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