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Using Accurate Vision means we no longer have the hassle and expense of calling all over the country to find the right videographer for the job.
Profit per job has improved because of lower rates, higher quality and a single point of contact for booking deposition video nationwide.
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Worldwide and Nationwide Networks for Deposition Videography and Legal Video Services

Worldwide Video Network

From Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to Singapore and England to New York, Accurate Vision maintains worldwide and nationwide networks of video specialists who deliver professional services to the legal profession.

The NCRA's Certified Legal Video Specialist Logo As an associate member of the National Court Reporters Association, we encourage the videographers in our network to achieve the status of Certified Legal Video Specialist by undertaking the training and testing program instituted by the NCRA. Whenever possible, we use Certified Legal Video Specialists to cover the video depositions that are scheduled with us.

Additionally, each video produced by videographers in our network is inspected by our in‑house Qualifications Division for purposes of assuring the highest possible standards in each of the following categories:

  • Proper adherence to protocol (protocol varies by country, state, etc.)
  • Code of Civil Procedure requirements for background
  • Video and audio quality
  • Continuity
  • Lighting

Since 2006, I have trusted Accurate Vision to provide me with professional and reliable videographers for hundreds of my video depositions, interviews, site studies and Day In The Life videos all across the United States.
My jobs are always in good hands with Accurate Vision.
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In locations where required by law, videographers in the Accurate Vision Worldwide Video Network are notary publics, capable of certifying that the tapes produced are a true and accurate record of the deposition.

The motto that our videographers and network administrators follow is extremely simple and to the point:


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