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We have utilized Accurate Vision's excellent nationwide network of professional services, which has proven reliable time and time again, even on a moment's notice.
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Accurate Vision Legal Video Guarantees Portal to Portal Quality for Deposition Video

Portal to Portal
Quality Assurance Guarantee

Accurate Vision's Portal to Portal Deposition Service includes:

  • setting the deposition
  • recording the deposition
  • post production per your specifications
  • transcript and video sync per your specifications
  • copying the finished video onto DVD or media of your choice
  • delivery of the finished media

Our Portal to Portal Deposition Service is accompanied by my personal guarantee of exceptional customer service, unlimited technical support, and finished media that conforms to the highest industry standards for quality.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with any aspect of Accurate Vision's Portal to Portal Deposition Video Service, I will personally and immediately remedy the situation to your complete satisfaction.

Additionally, if you prefer that Accurate Vision is transparent to your clients, I guarantee that our deposition videographers will state they are a representative of your firm by name, both on and off the record.

Alexandria Russo
Accurate Vision, Inc

Whether it be short notice or ample time given, Accurate Vision satisfies our clients 100%!
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