Articles About Legal Video, Deposition Videographers, Court Reporters And Litigation Support Services


Articles About Legal Video and Deposition Video

Ethics and Competition in Legal Video

The Importance of Ethics in Legal Video - Part One

In Part One of this informative article, Accurate Vision's Chief Executive Officer shares the knowledge she’s gained about competition and business ethics during her fifteen year tenure as the senior executive of a legal video company.

Find out how and why she leverages ethics as a tool for making sane business decisions. Read Part One of the Article...

Customer Service and Deposition Profits

Legal Video Customer Service and Your Bottom Line

Does legal video customer service have an impact on your bottom line profit for depositions and other jobs that require video?

Published in February of 2013, this article provides you with the tabulated results of our annual year-end survey of over 100 court reporting firms and litigation support services. Discover what they have to say about legal video customer service and how it influenced their bottom line throughout 2012. Read The Article...                 

Deposition Video

Can State-of-the-Art Video Make a Difference in the Outcome of a Case?

Written by a veteran CLVS, this article sheds light on the impact that high quality deposition video can have on the outcome of cases. Read The Article...                 

Media Drives and Fragmentation

Media Drives and Fragmentation

Originally published in November of 2004, this white paper by Accurate Vision's Chief Technology Officer contains information that benefits anyone who uses a computer to store and view deposition video or other forms of digital media.

It remains posted on our website in 2013 because of its popularity amongst videographers. Read The White Paper...                 

Deposition Job Profits

Is Legal Video Helping or Hurting Your Bottom Line?

Pulled from our archives and posted anew due to popular demand, the results of this Year-End Survey revealed some startling facts about the effect legal video had on the bottom-line profit of many court reporting agencies and litigation support services during 2011. Read The Report...                 

Reliability is Most Important

Reliability Most Important to Leading Law Firms

Ten years old but still popular with our readers today, this 2003 survey of leading U.S. and international law firms clearly defines the importance that trial attorneys place on the reliability of their deposition video service providers. Read The Survey...                 


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