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Damage Survey Videos For Use As Courtroom Exhibits

Video Damage Surveys

Often used in the courtroom to strengthen the testimony of expert witnesses, Damage Survey Videos are extremely convincing exhibits that use the intensity of visual evidence to provide the court and jury with undeniable proof of damage.

When documenting damages done to a structure for an insurance claim, a Damage Survey Video will most graphically show the fractures and strains that are the foundation of the case.

Likewise, detailed video of a vehicle after an accident will provide the full impact of the damage, which in turn can help win a claim.

In addition to video and stills of the damage, Accurate Vision’s Digital Services Division can edit all manner of exhibits into your presentation including animations or re-creations, medical reports and other evidence of pain and suffering.

The final presentation is generally packaged and delivered on a menu-driven DVD for ease of navigation and courtroom playback, or it can be formatted onto any media of your choice.

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