I've worked with Accurate Vision for over three years recording legal video depositions from Dallas, TX, to Los Angeles, CA.
Their national and worldwide network is good business for professional videographers and great business for any legal video firm or court reporting agency seeking representation to serve their clients and expand their business.
Legal Videographer

Careers in Legal Video Sales, Administration and Delivery

Accurate Vision Is Hiring!

We are now accepting applications from individuals with knowledge and experience in any one or more of the following fields:

Video Editing
Customer Service
Business Administration

If you are qualified in any of the above fields and want to work with a team of individuals who are dedicated to expansion and profitability, we are interested in you!

To apply for a position, send us your resume via e-mail or postal mail, or fax it to us at (818) 831-9664.

Legal Video Chat

I take pride in Accurate Vision’s commitment to always come through for our clients.
Everyone in the company is dedicated to delivering the best possible service and quality in the legal video industry, and I am happy to be part of such a team of professionals.
Customer Service Manager
Accurate Vision, Inc.

Large volumes of work, fast turn around times and high quality standards — it has been a pleasure routinely delivering that level of excellence and being a part of our professional video network.
Production Manager
Accurate Vision, Inc.


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