Using Accurate Vision means we no longer have the hassle and expense of calling all over the country to find the right videographer for the job.
Profit per job has improved because of lower rates, higher quality and a single point of contact for booking deposition video nationwide.
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Volume Discounts On Deposition Video Rates And Legal Video Rates

Volume Discount Programs

Are you paying too much for legal video?

Many who answer “no” to that question don’t actually realize that they are.

And many who answer “yes” to that question simply haven’t figured out how to pay less, despite their best efforts.

Accurate Vision’s Volume Discount Programs are based on the simple principle of volume buying power — the more you buy of something, the less you should have to pay for it!

All of our volume-discount programs are annual, meaning that the invoiced amount of jobs we do for you accrues throughout the calendar year, and the discounts you receive are based on a sliding scale which starts at 2.5% and goes all the way up to 10%.

For example, when the accrued amount of your invoices for the year reaches the first pre-defined level in your program, you begin receiving a 2.5% discount on all future deposition video and legal video jobs we do for you during the remainder of that year. Likewise, when your volume reaches the second pre-defined level in your program, an even higher discount begins for all future jobs during that year.

This continues up through as many as four different discount levels, depending on the program you qualify for — court reporter, litigation service or legal video company.

The discounts you receive apply to all legal videographer fees and post-production fees (not to incidentals such as raw media costs, travel/mileage, parking/tolls and shipping) and can quickly add up to significant savings on a monthly and annual basis.

Are you paying too much for legal video?

Find out how our Volume Discount Programs can impact your bottom-line.

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Whether it’s a day or two out, or an hour or two before a job, Accurate Vision always comes through for me with flying colors.
And because of Accurate Vision’s far reach, my company has experienced national growth and steady profit increases in areas that it otherwise could not service.
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