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Since 2006, I have trusted Accurate Vision to provide me with professional and reliable videographers for hundreds of my video depositions, interviews, site studies and Day In The Life videos all across the United States.
Whether it’s a day or two out, or an hour or two before a job, Accurate Vision always comes through for me with flying colors.
And because of Accurate Vision’s far reach, my company has experienced national growth and steady profit increases in areas that it otherwise could not service.
My jobs are always in good hands with Accurate Vision.
Litigation Support Firm
Dallas, TX

Earn Referral Fees And Discounted Legal Video Rates For Deposition Overflow

Legal Video Overflow

  • A client needs legal video but all of your in-house videographers are booked.
  • You're called on to cover a legal video job but it's outside your coverage area.
  • The video depo is in a city so remote you can't even find it on the map.
  • Overflow  =  legal video jobs you just can't cover, no matter how hard you try.

It's one of the best kept secrets in the legal video industry — that a long list of court videographers and legal-video companies in the U.S. and abroad use Accurate Vision to cover their overflow and thereby earn significant income from referral fees and discounted legal video rates!

Our network of legal videographers literally spans the globe, so there's not a job we can't cover and thus help you profit from.

Here are three typical scenarios which show how you can earn income from depositions, day in the life videos or any other form of legal video job you're unable to cover:

You have Accurate Vision cover a video deposition or other legal video job which you can't cover because you're fully booked that day. We handle the shoot and represent you. Our company name is never mentioned to your client. After the shoot we send the master media to you for post-production, along with our invoice for the shoot at a significantly discounted rate. After branding the finished media with your company's logo and information, you bill the client your normal rates and make a profit on both the post production and the video shoot. This scenario not only earns you money from overflow jobs, it also removes any limit on the number of video depositions and other legal video jobs you can cover in a given day!

A law firm, court reporting firm or litigation support company that you regularly service needs legal video outside of your coverage area. Accurate Vision will cover the job for you exactly as given in the previous scenario (i.e. representing you). Or, if you prefer, we will bill the client directly and pay you a referral fee. This scenario gives you a way to expand your legal video coverage area and provide increased value to the law firms, court reporting firms and litigation support companies that you already service!

This scenario applies when you would simply like to refer a new legal-video customer to us, earn a referral fee on the job, and then earn ongoing referral fees on each and every job given to us by that customer thereafter. This is an extremely popular and lucrative way of earning an ongoing stream of additional revenue from video depositions and other legal video jobs that you normally would not earn a penny on! For more details about this scenario, please visit the Legal Video Referral Programs section of this site.

A strategic partnership with Accurate Vision Nationwide Legal Video can boost your profits, expand your coverage area, and increase the value of service you deliver to your clients.

We have been using Accurate Vision for many years for all of our video needs.
We appreciate the ease of having one friendly point of contact and knowing that our video depositions are always taken care of in the most professional and reliable manner, regardless of where they take place.
Accurate Vision handles all the videographer scheduling, production and billing on our behalf and in turn we have materialized a significant residual revenue stream by making Accurate Vision our video partner.
Thank you, Accurate Vision!
Court Reporting Firm
Philadelphia, PA

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