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Accurate Vision, Inc. is a full service legal video company, providing deposition support services to the international legal community since 1995.

With over 1,200 qualified deposition videographers as members of our worldwide network, Accurate Vision Legal Video can instantly set and confirm video deposition coverage anywhere!

We guarantee you unparalleled portal-to-portal quality from the start of the deposition to the quality of the finished media.   [Read our Portal-to-Portal Quality Assurance and Transparency Guarantee...]

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Legal Video Customer Service and Deposition Profits

Accurate Vision routinely surveys court reporting agencies and litigation support services to ensure that every second of video evidence we produce and deliver is accompanied by professional service and the highest quality of customer care found anywhere in the legal video industry.
Some of those surveyed are customers who already use our nationwide legal video service for depositions and other forms of visual evidence, and some are not our customers.
Does legal video customer service impact your profit per job? Completed in January of 2013, our Annual Year-End Survey provides you with facts about the customer service end of the legal video trade. It also offers real-world insight into how good and bad customer service from legal video providers affected job profits in 2012 for the court reporting agencies and litigation support services who participated in the survey.
Is legal video customer service affecting your bottom line?
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The Importance of Ethics in Legal Video

An Article by Accurate Vision's Chief Executive Officer

A finite number of depositions take place on this planet in any given day, but there are literally thousands of court reporters, litigation support professionals and legal video services competing to cover them. Thus the competition can become heated, often to the boiling point or beyond.
In this informative article, Accurate Vision's Chief Executive Officer shares the knowledge she’s gained about competition and business ethics during her fifteen year tenure as the senior executive of a legal video company.
Are business ethics relevant to deposition video?
Should ethical and unethical business practices factor into your choice of a legal video service provider?
If ethics is an important factor, what are the most important ethical tenets to consider?
These questions and more are answered in The Importance of Ethics in Legal Video.
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