Legal Video Customer Reviews

Litigation Support Firm, Dallas, TX

Accurate Vision is our biggest asset.  Their customer service is what every business should strive for.  Short notice or ample time given, Accurate Vision takes care of our needs here in the U.S. and Canada.

Their rates are the best in the business and I know that I can depend on them to get the job done.

Court Reporting Calendar Manager, Washington, D.C.

Always available whether it be short notice or ample time given, Accurate Vision satisfies our clients 100%!

California Legal Video Company

When confronted with the need for additional capacity to best serve my valued clients, Accurate Vision has been there with top notch videographers. I really appreciate their support, service, and responsiveness.

Texas Litigation Support Service

Since 2006, I have trusted Accurate Vision to provide me with professional and reliable videographers for hundreds of my video depositions, interviews, site studies and Day In The Life videos all across the United States.

Whether it’s a day or two out, or an hour or two before a job, Accurate Vision always comes through for me with flying colors.

And because of Accurate Vision’s far reach, my company has experienced national growth and steady profit increases in areas that it otherwise could not service.

My jobs are always in good hands with Accurate Vision.

Court Reporting Agency, Philadelphia, PA

We have been using Accurate Vision for many years for all of our video needs.

We appreciate the ease of having one friendly point of contact and knowing that our video depositions are always taken care of in the most professional and reliable manner, regardless of where they take place, often with very little notice.

Accurate Vision handles all the videographer scheduling, production and billing on our behalf and in turn we have materialized a significant residual revenue stream by making Accurate Vision our video partner. Thank you, Accurate Vision!

San Diego Court Reporting Agency

A few hours before trial, our client notified us that a videographer was needed for courtroom playback of an exhibit.

We found Accurate Vision on the Internet and, despite the short notice, their videographer arrived in plenty of time and did a very professional job.

Philadelphia Court Reporting Firm

Instead of calling all around the country for video, we book our depos, playbacks and other legal video jobs with Accurate Vision.

Their rates are very fair and they have videographers available everywhere.

Texas Court Reporting Agency

We have utilized Accurate Vision's excellent nationwide network of professional services, which has proven reliable time and time again, even on a moment's notice.

Litigation Support Service, New York

We weren’t happy with our video service and decided to give Accurate Vision a try on one depo.  We were so impressed with their service and quality that we now use Accurate Vision for playback, equipment rental and virtually all of our audio/video needs.

Texas Litigation Support Firm

An email to Accurate Vision is all it takes to set and confirm coverage for all of our video depositions in the U.S. and abroad.

Now that's what I call cost-effective service!

Pennsylvania Trial Attorney

We had several depos which needed video on very short notice.  Not only did Accurate Vision come through on time for us, they delivered the finished videos right to my hotel room so I could review them before trial.

Now we use Accurate Vision exclusively for our video, audio and conferencing needs.

Court Reporting Agency, Los Angeles

Thanks again for your great help yesterday securing a videographer!  Our client sent us a message explaining how pleased they were with the videographer and the fact that someone was able to be booked so quickly.  I appreciate your quick assistance.

M.W., Dallas, TX

It was Friday and trial was scheduled for Monday, three days away, when we found out we needed 10 videotapes copied.  We called Accurate Vision, hoping they could at least get some of the tapes copied and in our hands by Saturday.  The next morning we had all ten!


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