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Thanks again for your great help yesterday securing a videographer! Our client sent us a message explaining how pleased they were with the videographer and the fact that someone was able to be booked so quickly. I appreciate your quick assistance.
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Audio-Video Media Enhancement Services For Depositions


Enhancing poor audio or video quality of video depositions and other legal videos can make a significant difference in the overall effect your presentation has when it is played to a jury in the courtroom.

Correcting to compensate for poor lighting conditions, poor sound quality and other unwanted factors will help ensure that the court can clearly see, hear and understand your audio-video presentation.

For example, have you ever pulled a deposition video from the archives — one that was recorded with older technology — only to discover that it failed to impress the court because of poor quality video, poor quality audio, or both?

Accurate Vision's highly skilled technicians deliver a wide variety of audio and video enhancement services. "Noisy" audio or video tapes can be enhanced using state-of-the-art equipment which eliminates or greatly reduces ambient noise and extraneous sounds. Video images can be enhanced to compensate for poor lighting, color imbalances and other unwanted conditions.

Our technicians also provide a host of additional audio/video services, such as extracting still photographs and slides from video footage, converting video into various formats, and dubbing video and audio onto a wide assortment of media types.

When you have legal-video presentations or video depositions with bad video or audio quality, request audio-video enhancement rates from Accurate Vision using our online rate request form.

If you have more questions about our media enhancement services, call us for a free consultation at (800) 383-5704 or select from one of the options below.

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We appreciate the ease of having one friendly point of contact and knowing that our video depositions are always taken care of in the most professional and reliable manner, regardless of where they take place, often with very little notice.
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