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An email to Accurate Vision is all it takes to set and confirm coverage for all of our video depositions in the U.S. and abroad.
That's what I call cost-effective service!
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How Nationwide Court Reporting and Litigation Support Firms Use Accurate Vision Legal Video

How To Take Advantage of
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1. Submit Your Job Details

Call or fax us at (800) 383-5704 or use a simple online form to send us the details of your deposition or video job.

We frequently cover jobs which arrive at our office just hours prior to the scheduled deposition, so don't hesitate to contact us even if you're down to the wire with last-minute scheduling problems.

2. Approve Rates and Coverage

Based on the requirements you submitted in Step #1, our Calendar Department contacts you requesting approval of the rates and coverage details.

3. Rest Easy!

That’s right!  There is absolutely nothing else to worry about.

Thanks again for your great help yesterday securing a videographer!
Our client sent us a message explaining how pleased they were with the videographer and the fact that someone was able to be booked so quickly.
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Los Angeles

Immediately upon receipt of your order, our calendar department begins managing all of the arrangements.  Technical teams then produce the video to your exact specifications and with complete satisfaction guaranteed.

When the deposition or video shoot is complete, the video masters can be sent to Accurate Vision to undergo quality control and any needed post production, or the masters can be shipped directly to you if you have in-house quality control and post production capabilities.

In cases where we do your post production, copies of the video are made to your exact specifications with hard-media copies delivered via Federal Express and/or electronic copies uploaded to your network via the Internet.

Your video masters remain protected in the Accurate Vision Archive, where they can later be retrieved and used to produce additional copies, edited presentations and so forth.

For most depositions, Accurate Vision guarantees delivery of copies within two weeks of your order.  At your request, however, expedited copies will be delivered sooner, including one copy which can be hand-delivered by the videographer immediately upon completion of the deposition.

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