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What exactly is a videoconference?

Videoconferencing is a method of conducting a conference wherein the participants are in different locations. Each participant can see and hear the other participants via a television monitor. The signal is carried over special telephone lines or over high bandwidth Internet connections.

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What is the difference between a videoconference and a teleconference?

Teleconferencing does not include video; only audio.

A teleconference can be conducted over regular telephone lines or over lower bandwidth internet connections. Videoconferencing requires special high-speed telephone lines or high-bandwidth Internet services.

Some videoconferencing technologies also require specialized equipment at the individual conference sites.

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How is videoconferencing used in depositions?

Videoconferencing enables depositions to take place despite the fact that various participants are in different locations.

For example, the examining attorney for the plantiff might be in Chicago, the defendant's attorney in Los Angeles and the deponent in another city altogether.

When a deposition is conducted via videoconference, the court reporter is usually at the same location as the deponent. Likewise, when a legal video recording of the proceedings is required, the deposition videographer is at the same site as the deponent.

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Does Accurate Vision provide a full range of videoconferencing services?

Yes, Accurate Vision will arrange for any deposition videoconferencing services that are required.

The exact videoconferencing technology we arrange for any given deposition depends on the transmission services and/or equipment that are available at each of the deposition conference sites.

Our calendar managers maintain a database of videoconferencing technicians both nationwide and internationally. This enables us to provide videoconference service and support on-site, regardless of where deponents, attorneys and other parties are located.

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Do I automatically receive a video copy of the proceedings when I conduct a deposition by videoconference?

While most traditional videoconferencing facilities do have recording equipment tied into their system, a recording of the conference is not generally provided as part of their basic videoconference package.

The opposite is true of videoconferencing conducted through cloud computing service providers. Internet-based videoconferencing solutions almost always provide a digital recording of the conference.

Bear in mind, however, that such "unattended recordings" are considered informal recordings of the proceedings in many jurisdictions and are therefore inadmissible as a formal video deposition for courtroom playback. This is true regardless of whether the unattended video recording was made at a traditional video conference site or automatically recorded by an Internet videoconferencing service.

If you require video for a videoconferenced deposition that will eventually be played in court or for litigation purposes, ensure that a certified videographer is present at the conference. Besides tending to the quality of the audio/video recording, the videographer will perform other important duties throughout the deposition, the most crucial of which is to certify that the recording made is a true, accurate and unaltered record of the proceedings.

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What are the possible advantages of conducting a deposition by videoconference?

When counsel and deponent are separated by considerable distance, there are two main advantages in using videoconferencing as a deposition solution: travel expense and time.

First of all, there is little or no travel time for the attorneys and deponent(s), thereby eliminating expense. Second, the amount of time counsel would ordinarily spend in transit can be utilized for more productive activity.

Saving time and expense in this fashion will very often outweigh the videoconferencing fee.

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Can I videoconference from my office or must I use an outside facility?

Not long ago, the only viable solution for videoconferencing with remote locations from your office was to have the required high-speed phone line installed at your premises and then purchase or lease the necessary equipment. The other parties in the conference would have likewise needed their own equipment, or they could have rented a conference room that was outfitted with the necessary equipment and phone lines.

This traditional solution to videoconferencing is highly dependable and is still enjoying broad use today. But recent advances in technology have increased the number of in-house videoconferencing solutions that are available to choose from – and the number of choices continues to grow at a fairly rapid pace.

Not only has equipment for traditional videoconferencing become less expensive with higher quality, there are are also videoconferencing solutions that use equipment and the Internet instead of phone lines, other solutions that use software and the Internet, and a host of Internet-based solutions that require conference participants to have nothing more than a computer, tablet or hand-held device.

You can get expert help choosing the best deposition videoconferencing solution for your needs by scheduling a free consultation with an Accurate Vision Legal Video Representative.

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Would it be cost-effective for our firm to invest in an on-premises videoconferencing solution?

Adopting an on-premises videoconferencing solution can be highly cost effective for firms who frequently set depositions in different parts of the country and internationally.

In such cases, sizeable return of investment can be realized by eliminating air fares, on-site travel expenses and hotel accommodations, not to mention increased productivity of personnel as a result of zero travel time.

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What are the average rates for a videoconference?

Videoconference rates are currently and factually in a constant state of flux.

Rates now range from a low of under $100 a month for virtually unlimited conferencing to thousands of dollars for a single day of conference time, with an increasing number of options between those extremes.

The factors driving this rate frenzy are easy to understand.

  • New and improved videoconferencing technologies are emerging at a rapid pace
  • There are consequently more Premises Solutions to choose from than ever before, most of which are less expensive than buying or leasing traditional on-premise videoconferencing equipment and phone lines
  • The quality and cost effectiveness of Cloud Solutions and Desktop Solutions for videoconferencing have recently evolved to a point where both are threatening the long standing monopoly enjoyed by traditional room-for-rent facilities
  • Traditional videoconferencing facilities are in turn lowering their rates to remain competitive
  • Optional features such as real-time streaming of the court reporter’s transcript and live/private chat between attendees can affect the cost of a deposition videoconference.

Here is a simple four-step process that cuts straight through the apparent complexities of this rate maze when arranging videoconferencing for depositions.

  1. Estimate the length of the deposition including individual date(s) and start time(s)
  2. List each geographical location that must be connected for the conference including the number of parties who will attend at each location
  3. Deliver the information to Accurate Vision Legal Video online or by calling (800) 383-5704
  4. Sit back and receive a no-cost, no-obligation consultation on the best videoconferencing solution for your deposition needs.

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As an attorney, is there anything I need to do differently when conducting a deposition by videoconference?

No. As in any other deposition, control of the proceedings is enforced by the Court Reporter and/or the Videographer.

The Court Reporter is an officer of the court and the videographer is making a visual and audible record of everything the deponent says and does. When the deposition is by videoconference, the record is started by the videographer at the request of the examining attorney and stopped only by agreement of both attorneys. A good deposition videographer will bring the proceedings onto the record and then turn control of the deposition over to the examining attorney. The examining attorney proceeds as he or she would in any other deposition.

When desirous of going off record, the examining attorney indicates this to the videographer. The videographer would then look to opposing counsel for a nod of agreement and then take the proceedings off record.

If the proceedings are not being recorded by a deposition videographer, the same arrangement exists with the court reporter as opposed to the videographer.

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How can I get answers to videoconferencing questions not covered in this FAQ?

Accurate Vision will be glad to provide cost-free, no-obligation consultation regarding your videoconferencing needs.

You can take advantage of this offer by submitting a simple Consultation Request online.

Or to receive a consultation now, without delay, call us toll-free at (800) 383-5704.

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