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Accurate Vision is our biggest asset.
Their customer service is what every business should strive for.  Short notice or ample time given, Accurate Vision takes care of our needs here in the U.S. and Canada.
Their rates are the best in the business and I know that I can depend on them to get the job done.
Litigation Support Firm
Dallas, TX

Low Cost Legal Video Boosts Deposition and Litigation Support Profits

FAQ:  How does Accurate Vision reduce deposition video overhead and improve my bottom line?
Using Accurate Vision as your single contact point for scheduling, synchronizing and digitizing deposition video reduces deposition overhead and impacts your bottom line by boosting profits from depositions and litigation support. This occurs in two significant ways.
1.   Accurate Vision Reduces Your Overhead and Improves Your Bottom Line by Eliminating Costly Scheduling and Support Logistics
   With over 1,200 qualified member videographers in our network, we can instantly confirm coverage of any deposition, regardless of location or scheduling constraints.
This eliminates expense that stacks up when your personnel have to spend hours searching for an available videographer in the city where your deposition is taking place.
Then there are the times when hours of searching for a videographer become days of searching because the depo location is off the beaten path, or because every videographer you contact is already booked for the day you need coverage.
No longer will your personnel need to waste time sending and receiving numerous email and text messages just to get a job covered.
Nor will they waste time talking to voicemail and then waiting for calls to be returned when videographers are in a depo or otherwise unavailable.
Day or night, on weekends and on holidays, your Accurate Vision Account Manager is always available to take costly deposition scheduling and support logistics off your plate — and that includes last-minute depo coverage, expedited deliveries and after-hours emergencies.

We have been using Accurate Vision for many years for all of our video needs.
We appreciate the ease of having one friendly point of contact and knowing that our video depositions are always taken care of in the most professional and reliable manner, regardless of where they take place, often with very little notice.
Court Reporting Firm
Philadelphia, PA

2.   Accurate Vision Reduces Your Overhead and Improves Your Bottom Line by Streamlining Quality Control for Lower Production Costs
   Our comprehensive deposition service does not stop with fast and reliable coverage of the testimony.
As soon as the deposition goes off record, Accurate Vision's in-house Digital Services Division begins delivering state-of-the art post-production support, including synchronizing the deposition transcript and video for use in your trial presentation software, and finalizing the synchronized deposition onto DVD or your preferred format of playback media.
When Accurate Vision covers your deposition video, the depos are recorded, digitized, synchronized and finalized all under one roof with meticulous quality control.  That gives us the ability to provide you with faster turnaround and lower production and post-production costs on every deposition.
That's how we reduce your operating costs and improve your bottom line on video depositions.
But don't just take our word for it.  Let us prove it.
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